Friday, October 5, 2018

ACO 5.0 - Coding Altino Cars

Coding is a really important skill to learn especially in nowadays world since the market shifted so much because of technological advancement and as everybody knows, almost every technology gadget need a code in order to work, We know that that the hardware without a software is useless, and the software is literally just a bunch of codes, and since the technology develops more and more coding can be a task that's going to be required in many jobs other than programming, in the future even a security guard might be required to know how to code. Challenge 1 was a figure 8, so our way was "'Go' 'Steering 2' 'delay(time)' steering 1 and go again then go straight and now on"

The new commands were actually really fun and interesting, I was able to create a sound and understand more the fundamental base of what coding is and how to communicate with a car in its language . I would trust an autonomous car because even if it fails to do a task I will sue the company and became rich HAHA, disabled but rich so who cares, and it will probably not going to happen because the humanity became so good with the coding and other stuff and I see companies like Tesla putting Ai in the program, so the answer becomes "Would you ever trust a really smart driver to drive you around ?" and my answer is HECK YEA and that's why I think autonomous ambulance would exist as well. 

ACO 5.0 - Create a deliverable using problem-solving techniques to address client needs or target audience.
ACO 5.1 - Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ACO 3.0 - Art and Design

The elements or arts used in my still life painting are Line which I used to draw the edges of my picture, as well as the texture by crossing lines to make shadows appear more and give visualized idea of what the shape of my object is like, I also used the value to highlight the deepness of my object, and it’s also a way to visualize the form of the object in the picture. The big brush is more for outlining the edges of the main component of the picture and the small brush is for the texture and highlight the shadow. The part of the digital painting I enjoyed the most was the cross hatching to create the texture and there were no boring parts for me while doing the project.

My landscape picture was taken in the high school. The Major difference between the landscape image and the still life image is that the landscape doesn’t really have any lines, but is more precise when it comes to the texture and shadow, and has also a really good value when the still life image does have the lines but the texture isn’t that precise since it was just cross hatching which means it can’t be as professional as the software’s one, but both of the pictures are similar in the dominant colors which are black and white and they also look like they were drawn by a pencil. The process to create my landscape drawing was using the filters and tools in photoshop by inverting the image and following the tutorial, I mostly followed the tutorial with some small modifications and changes to make my image look more authentic and original and the result was pretty good and I liked how it looked.

I took my portrait photo during class using photo booth, and the person in the picture is me looking like a potato hating myself because I forgot to take a portrait before class and it means nothing to me and I wish that I will never be able to see it again in my life. My Image uses all elements of art since we notice the color with the gradient tool, the line in the left part the texture especially in my shirt, the value since I used the gradient tool and also in the right part, form in the right part since we see the 3D effect and we also see the shape in the left part with the tiles and also the space in the white board, The critics were pretty accurate and I agree with them because I did my landscape in 2 min and it was rushed so I deserve the low score .

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience. Elements of Art: Space, Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences. Gestalt Theory: Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, Figure and ground
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience. Principles of Design: Scale, Proportion, Unity, Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Repetition, Variety, Emphasis)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

ACO 5.0 - Audio Production

The main thing that every person should consider if he’s presenting in front of a public is changing and movement whether it’s in the voice, hand gesture and body language so that the audience stays entertained and don’t get distracted or bored, and the best way to do it in a voice recording is using the intonation and inflection, and what they serve for is pointing the important words in the end of the sentence and speeding up while talking then slowing down than rising the pitch of the other way around. My role in this assignment was a script writer so i helped to write down the script and the idea of what our story is going to be about, and the rehearsal process is very important so we can fix the small issues and problems that are in the script and fix them before recording and we also need to try to do it before so we can check if there is any coordination between the team members .

Based on the critiques, I concluded that we could've done a better job when it comes to the intonations and inflection and we will focus on making sound better in the next projects. But overall I was pretty happy with our scores considering that we had to change the whole script the day before we recorded because of some issues when it comes to the content. but the results were satisfying since we had a good group communication and we did the recording and editing in no time. so even though we had problems to find the genre approve the script and making sure it fits the goal we managed to get on our feet and do it. If i had to do this project again with the same group of people, I would improve our intonation and make the answers more entertaining and captivating .

ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

Monday, August 27, 2018

ACO 6.0 - Proprietary Information

According to The FCC website: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent Federal regulatory agency that regulates all interstate communications and international communications whether they originate or terminate in the United States and they mainly revise media regulations so that new technologies flourish alongside diversity and localism and they also protect copyright infringement which is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission also known as plagiarism and illegal usage of other's work, and the consequences of copyright infringement can be really sever since it can lead to civil lawsuit as well as dropping criminal charges that can reach penalties up to 250k$ and 10 years of prison. getting permission to use copyrighted material is in fact pretty simple , there are some steps to follow which are
  • Determine if permission is needed.
  • Identify the owner.
  • Identify the rights needed.
  • Plan Ahead for Permission.
  • Contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required.
  • Get your permission agreement in writing.
Fair use is a legal procedure that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the use of copyright-protected works without a license in certain circumstances like giving criticism or making a parody of the original material

Confidentiality is something that should be kept secret and not public to the own safety of the individual and his privacy , and the examples of things that should be kept secret and private are : the credit card number, phone number and home address.
Social media has a huge impact on confidential information since it's being shared and everybody has access to it, which means some informations might be leaked to public and it might cause some problems.I think that censorship should exist in our society because there are some things that the youth audience shouldn't have access to it like pornography and violent content.I do agree with the first amendment of freedom of speech and it's a right as long as it doesn't interfere with the right to privacy of others. And the freedom of speech should have limits so it doesn't harm other people who claim heir right to privacy.

ACO 6.1: Analyze the use of copyright and proprietary information in arts and communication to facilitate responsible, legal and ethical behavior.
ACO 6.2: Examine ethical issues in arts and communications to make appropriate decisions related to clients, co-workers and society.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

ACO 2.0 - Market Shifts

A market is any place where sellers of particular goods or services can meet with buyers of those goods and services. It creates the potential for a transaction to take place. The buyers must have something they can offer in exchange for the product to create a successful transaction. The markets changed a lot during the years due to technological development, now we can find virtual markets where you can buy online and even use virtual currencies like crypto-currencies which affects the global market a lot. The bitcoin currency was a big deal during the last year that had a huge impact on the trades and the economy and it's just an example out of many that show how the market changed, another example for the market shift is the advertisements industry , the ads have significantly changed during the last decades and new ways of advertisement and marketing have showed up, like the e-mail marketing and social media marketing, advertisements now are everywhere even in video games and everybody knows that marketing is a strong base of the markets, so the improvement and shifting of marketing leads to market shifting too.

I joined the arts and communication to become better at graphic design, marketing as well as web design because I think that these 3 are necessary to become successful in this era which relies a lot on technology and internet, and as a person who wants to lead an independent career and become self employed I think that learning the skills are the recipe of success and entering in the big boys field, and also they will help me to keep up with market shifting and stay updated since these fields are constantly shifting as well. 

ACO 2.1 Analyze how shifts in market affect changes to media and design.
ACO 2.2 Evaluate how changing communication needs of a market are addressed by media and design.
ACO 2.3 Propose media and design solutions that address the changing needs in global markets.

ACO 4.0 - Communication Strategies

Probably my biggest challenge when it comes to communication is the language , which means I have to change the language I speak from an audience to another , When I talk to my family I speak a certain language and I speak a completely different one when I talk to my friends and another language when I speak to people from my host country . And when the language varies the culture varies and the way people interpret statements changes . I usually talk formal with my parents and teachers but I " trashtalk " when I speak to my siblings or friends . And the people I'm the most comfortable talking with are my friends because we go through the same thing and we understand each other more . I honestly don't think that there is a situation I feel uncomfortable while communicating with somebody but I definitely feel misunderstood when I'm in a foreign country due to the culture difference and I'm trying to overcome that by trying to consider our differences and talk in a way that can let the other understand me as if I belonged to his community.

After high school, I would like to study about entrepreneurship and business in college because it's the field I was dreaming about since I was a kid and I would love to join , after getting my degree I want to become a freelancer then get into real estate investment , but to become an investor or a freelancer I definitely have to have amazing communication skills when it comes to convincing, public speech and fluent language ( quick responses , entertaining talk ... ) So My goal is to acquire all these skills before I graduate so I would have a strong base when it comes to communicating to start my business and go far in this amazing field .

ACO 4.1: Devise communication strategies to promote individual accountability and team success.
ACO 4.2: Use effective oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to facilitate positive interactions.
ACO 4.3: Apply appropriate interpersonal skills to establish positive and sustained relationships with clients.